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    Who Are We?

    Bukito is headquartered in Singapore with presence in Thailand, Philippines, China and expansion plan for Indonesia and Vietnam. The founding team consists of a mixed of ex-startup founders in Facebook ecosystem (advertising, messenger, chatbot, marketplace), who are seasoned domain experts (social commerce in China, and cross-border supply chain specialist into and within Southeast Asia), and past eCommerce administrators in Southeast Asia, to localize and win the market.


    Bukito is funded by Source Code Capital, who invested in ByteDance, TikTok, Meituan and Qudian, and will bring in differentiated networks and value-adding resources to the team.


    At Bukito, we believe in sustainable value-creations through continuously ecosystem building.

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    Why We Create Bukito?


    Bukito’s mission is to address challenges faced in social-commerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia and build an innovative S2B2C platform to empower individual social-commerce seller to grow their businesses and become competitive in the market.


    With a population of over 600 million and an increasing number of new smartphone users, Southeast Asia’s e-commerce market is in a solid trajectory to exceed $102 billion annually by 2025. Social commerce in this region boomed before the rise of platform ecommerce. Facebook groups have long established as an online space where people connect with each other to buy and sell goods, even before the launched of Marketplace feature.


    Southeast Asian internet users are the most mobile-first (90% of population are connected through smartphone) and most active (4 hours daily on mobile internet vs. 2 hours of US) users globally. This further propels the rapid growth of social media and potential for social commerce in the region.


    Despite the extraordinary possibilities, the underdeveloped social- commerce ecosystem (assortment, traffic, logistics, payment, technology) remains a huge challenge for digital-savvy millennials and generation Z to be true internet entrepreneurs.

  • Company Address


    Singapore: 71 Ubi Road 1 #08-34 Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408732

    中国办公室: 浙江省杭州市西湖区文三路121号8311室